Day 12 – Off Road 4 Wheeling


Kyle Post, Stacey Doornbos

I bet you didn’t know you could do THIS in Orlando… Revolution the Off Road Experience has four wheeling, 4×4, dune buggying and more.  It’s like the crazy cousin’s house that your parents wouldn’t let you go to until you were 16 (you have to be 16 to drive the 4 wheelers).  I grew up with a four wheeler so it was really fun to get back on one and head back into the woods.  You actually go on a guided trail with twists, turns, mud puddles and sand hills.  Stacey on the other hand was more of a novice to four wheeling and she ran into a little mishap on the trail.  Watch the video to find out more…



Some tips for off roading:

  1. Wear long pants and close toed shoes… ones that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Very dirty.
  2. Get there early to avoid the heat (you are in jeans, a helmet and gloves… it gets warm)
  3. Don’t be afraid when you see a gate and a dusty trail on your way in… that means you’re almost there!


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