Day 21: Orlando Premium Outlets

Today we headed to Orlando Premium Outlets and Whoa! There are 150 stores from JCrew to Hurley to Polo…they have it all and I think we might have bought it all!

Here are two great things we learned today while shopping at Premium Outlets:

1. We met up with Jackie Walker who is the ‘Dr. of Closetology’ she wrote a book called “I Don’t Have a Thing to Wear”. She was AmaZing!!! Jackie taught us that we should be proud of what we want to wear and wear it confidently. So often we let others influence our dressing…when really we know what we want (and the premium outlets had it). Check out her book…you’ll love it!

2. The Premium Outlet mall has a VIP Club which you can join for free. Each week members of the club can print out coupons for multiple stores in the outlet. We used the discount today to get 20% off at Hurley!

A huge thanks to Jackie Walker and the Orlando Premium Outlets for showing us how much fun shopping can be!

5 Responses

  1. Hey guys!! Its me Yonalis, from the Reebok store…that helped get you in those shopping shoes!!! I hope you guys enjoy them, come back and see us soon!! Love the videos.

  2. you guys crack me up.
    for realz

  3. We LOVE Stacey’s jeans in her video! We wonder where should got them? šŸ˜‰

    We had fun shopping with you! Enjoy your Rockers!

  4. Uhhhhhhh!!!! I LOVED THE MALLS IN ORLANDO!!!!! It’s so ridiculous how much we pay for clothing in Germany!šŸ˜¦
    But the video isn’t working yet. Youtube says it’s private or something….and I’d love to fulfill my need for Orlando outlet malls by watching you guys shopping. I’ll shop through you.

    I also surf through you.

    And eat.


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