Day 26 – Slime Ambassadors!

One of the best parts about 67 Days of Smiles, and about Orlando itself is not only getting to do all kinds of fun stuff that make us smile, but also sharing those smiles with people that we love.  Today my (Kyle’s) brother, sister in law and two adorable nieces came down to Orlando to share in the fun!  I haven’t seen all of them since this winter, and my brother just got back from serving in Iraq as a Green Beret so just seeing them all was wonderful.  What was even more wonderful was having a blast with all of them at Nickelodeon Family Suites!

IMG_0545This hotel has everything for kids, and kids at heart.  We played in the enormous pool with tons of slides, got to watch an audience interactive Nick game show, experienced a 4D movie (my youngest niece Saedi was LOVING all the bubbles), ate a great meal complete with both kids meals and filet mignon!  Then came the highest honer of the day: GETTING SLIMED!

I mean this hotel is just a kid’s paradise!  It was like walking onto the set of “Double Dare”. There are bright colors everywhere, fun music playing, an arcade, a crazy play area… the works.  The rooms are really spaciousIMG_0538with Nick characters in the kids rooms, while the adult rooms are contemporary but relaxing.  My oldest niece Ellie was DYING that she got her own bunk bed.  She tried to convince me to stay on it with her… but I’m a bit big!

Another thing i love about Nick Family Suites is that it offers a military discount of up to 20% off.  I always appreciate when a business gives back to the people who give so much for us.  We had so much fun today!  Of course getting slimed was a riot, but maybe our favorite part was getting to see Ellie and Saedi smiling and having a riot all day.

2 Responses

  1. Forget the dolphins, forget the gators – all I ever wanted was this greeeeeeen slime! I wanted to do that when I was a kid and I’d still like to! So how was is? How was it? How was it?:):):)

  2. Holy crap Kyle, you’re neices are adorable!

    And tell your brother (and sister-in-law) thank you for serving our country and protecting our right to smile!

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