Day 30 (dinner): Emeril’s at Universal’s City Walk


This post by guest blogger: Amber (the bachelorette)

Oh, Emeril. What did you do to us last night with all that food? We set out after our spa splurge fresh, and preened and starving.  We were led to a table right by the window for optimum people watching, and had we not been utterly overwhelmed by our dining experience, we might have seen more of what Orlando’s City Walk-ers were doing.

IMG_0701Our eating adventure started with what I call a BLT salad.  It was amazing, so good that I forgot to share. If you go to Emeril’s find a way to have this bacon incorporated into your meal🙂. It’s dazzling. I was half on my way to believing it wasn’t going to get better then the bacon when the Kobe beef arrived! Fingerling potatoes and mushrooms – Lobster and Trumpet varieties – were drizzled with an in-season rhubarb and cherry reduction. The tartness was ideal, and no one could get over those trumpet mushrooms, nor are we likely to soon.


To finish our meal we sampled the chocolate cake with dark chocolate sauce, a German chocolate cake, and the show-stopping 25-year-old recipe, Emeril’s famous banana cream pie. With its fresh bananas, and fluffy whipped cream, it had Kyle announcing that Emeril had brought him to perfection in the shape of banana cream pie.

I would tell more of our affairs after, but our stomachs nearly caused us to collapse when we hit the dance floor of Groove, where the dance party doesn’t get going till 10:30, or at O’Brien’s with its flame laden fountains and live music and Dueling Pianos down the hall. We eventually stopped to rest at Rising Star Karaoke, where I was lucky enough to go first. Thank you City Walk, you are exhausting.

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