Day 37 – Halloween Horror Nights

This was a night I had been waiting for since 8th grade when I first heard about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.  Universal pulls out all the stops for this event.  The haunted houses all look like movie sets they’re so detailed, and the costumes/makeup are at the same level.  Universal takes what you’ve ever known about haunted attractions and magnifies it to incredible levels.  If you get the chance to do this… DO IT!

We got to be a part of the fun as we were able to be made into “scareactors” and prowl the streets of Universal scaring the pants off of guests.  Our favorite houses were Frankenstein, Wolfman and Chucky (animate dolls have always creeped both of us out).  One thing we loved was that while waiting in line you can text a certain number and play a “choose your own adventure” game about that house you’re waiting in line for!  That being said… get express passes if you can.  Lines can be quite long.

6 Responses

  1. were you guys doing this on the 3rd?

  2. I love how the “deleted scenes” were more than half the video.

  3. kyle, you looked the same to me.

  4. This brings back a few memories, Kyle. “Do you have any Pantene Pro V?”

  5. Oh man, HAUNTing was my faaaavorite thing to do when I was in LA. but you’re right, “I feel like a cake on ‘Ace of Cakes’.” — Love you Stacey Jo!

  6. “i don’t have health care!” -died a little bit. =0)

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