Day 39 – Art Museums and a Shakespeare Theatre

IMG_2365 The Orlando Museum of Art is a cozy local place to enjoy colorful art pieces hanging on every wall and from several ceilings. My favorite piece was the most enormous glass scultpure I have ever seen…definitely worth making a trip to the musuem to see it. The museum is also child friendly with a reading room for kids filled with fantasy art and a craft corner.


The Mennello Museum of American Art holds a small collection of American folk art.  From unique paintings of the American countryside to a beautiful steel horse. I felt like I was back in my childhood home in West Michigan.  I would recommend bringing a picnic with you and eating next to one of their outdoor sculptures which all overlook a lake.

Orlando's Shakespeare Theatre
Orlando’s Shakespeare Theatre

Directly acrossed from the Orlando’s Art Museum is the Shakespeare Theatre which has multiple shows every year including a festival for new plays. We had the chance to take in a two man show called The Big Bang.  It was an hysterical show with well trained actors who knew how to entertain an audience…people were crying they were laughing so hard.  If you are looking for professional theatre in the Orlando area look no further then the Shakespeare Theatre.


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