Day 51 – Wallaby Ranch

Orlando has so many hidden gems.  You know about Disney, Sea World and Universal but did you know you can go hang gliding in Orlando?!  Well you can at Wallaby Ranch.  How do you go hang gliding in Orlando you may ask… well they use an ultralite plane designed just for this which tows you and your pilot up 2,000 feet and then sets you free to gently glide back down to earth.  It isn’t an adrenaline filled flight though, it’s actually incredibly peaceful and it feels like you’re a bird floating through the wind.  Just walking into Wallaby Ranch sets the mood for your trip through the skies.  It’s a little of the beaten trail and as we stepped out of our car  the smell reminded us of camping in the woods we were little. If you’re looking for something a little less terrifying than sky diving but more adventurous than hot air ballooning this is the answer.  When you’re done with your flight you can even grab home cooked breakfast in their screened in dining room.

This wasn’t our first visit to Wallaby Ranch, and I have a feeling it won’t be our last.

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  1. more relaxing then a massage??

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