Day 52 – Baldwin Park

Driving into Baldwin Park is a nice shock.  The neighborhood is extremely clean, filled with beautiful fountains, and rows of similar houses.  Just a decade ago the land where Baldwin Park is today was a Navy Base.  When the Navy Base left a developer built the planned neighborhood filled with everything a resident might need: grocery stores, shops and restaurants all within walking distance of one another.

We spent the whole night walking the wonderful streets of Baldwin Park and stopping in shops on our way.  Here are three great places to enjoy on your visit to Baldwin Park:

Trish’s Teas


Tea shops are the place were my friends and I love to spend weekend afternoons.  We sip tea, eat cucumber sandwiches, and talk about the latest celebrity gossip.  Trish’s Teas reminded me of how wonderful those afternoons are.  Even though Kyle isn’t much into celebrity gossip we throughly enjoyed our Summer Breeze tea and great conversation.

Belle Vie Day Spa

Kyle Post, Stacey Doornbos

We felt relaxed and welcomed the minute we stepped in.  The employees who work there are genuine and care about giving you great service. We enjoyed facials with raspberry masks and a nice massage…a perfect weekend activity.  This is a cute place to enjoy the great things in life.

Farris and Foster’s Chocolate Factory

In our group that night was a bachelorette party...congrats to the new Mrs. Thompson!

In our group that night was a bachelorette party...congrats to the new Mrs. Thompson!

This is one of the most fantastic business ideas ever! A chocolate store that has parties were people can come with their friends or their dates to make a whole pound of unique chocolates.  We had a blast listening to music as we made an array of chocolates.  From chocolate covered Oreos to chocolates filled with M&M’s…my mouth is watering as I write this.  And the best part is you get to bring your chocolate creations home and enjoy them…speaking of which…I think I’m going to do that right now:)


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