Day 55 – Disney Quest


Imagine an arcade hall. Now imagine that Disney gets its hands on it and blows it up to huge proportions. That’s pretty much what Disney Quest is! It’s 5 floors of interactive, one of a kind games. You can fly a virtual flying carpet, raft down a virtual river… in short, you can do virtually anything.  Probably the biggest attraction is “Cyberspace Mountain” where you can design your own crazy rollercoaster and then ride it in a simulator that flips, twirls and spins.


OK let me just say this.  We went to Disney Quest back in high school and LOVED it.  We were dying to get back… but apparently things change after high school…   After just two virtual rides, we were virtually ready to loose our cookies!  We couldn’t believe it!  I remember riding those rides over and over and laughing at the people who couldn’t!  I guess karma’s a bugger.  We still had fun, don’t get me wrong, but we certainly had to pace ourselves more.  Is this a sign of worse things to come for us?  Let’s hope not!  So if you’re a teenager, go to Disney Quest NOW, because your virtual roller coaster tolerance may be all downhill from here! If you’re an adult maybe consider packing some dramamine… just in case so you can keep up with your kids!


One Response

  1. Haha! Disney Quest! I, unfortunately, have realized the same thing about rides. A couple years ago, I went on some spinny rides at a carnival and couldn’t handle it at all–that was so not the case in high school. Good memories of Disney Quest. Such good, sweet memories.

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