Day 57 – Arabian Nights

This weekend we have our last guests of the trip with us, Stacey’s family.  The whole gang is here, so it should be a riot!


The first thing we did was Arabian Nights dinner theatre.  “Medieval Times” has jousting, “Pirates” has… well Pirates, and “Arabian Nights” has horses and lots of them!  This is probably the largest venue of the dinner theatres that we have been to.  It also had the most “special effects”, from a flaming hoop that someone jumps through while riding on a horse to the finale when the princess is levitated in the sky!  However, even with all of the beautiful horses and fun effects, Arabian Nights didn’t top our list IMG_1652for dinner theatre shows.  A lot of times the horses were just running in circles for long stretches of time and the food was our least favorite of all of the dinner theatres we have visited.  A lot of people say that Arabian Nights is their favorite dinner show in Orlando, so maybe it was just us, but we just weren’t all that riveted.  I will say this: if you have little girls and they want to go to a dinner show this would probably be the best for them as there are no men swashbuckling or knights fighting!IMG_1646

3 Responses

  1. Yep…Their food sucks a big toe! And what’s up with the ice cream square they try and pass off as cake?

    Wish you guys had more than 67 days!

    Can’t wait to see you on the Travel Channel and say…”Hey! I ate cornbread with those guys!”

  2. My man swashbuckled (audience volunteer) so Pirates was pretty high up there for us. But if Arabian Nights doesn’t top your list you probably aren’t much of an animal person. We’re both animal nuts (and remember that my husband pirated so please don’t call him a little girl – things could get tense). Those horses are wonderfully maintained, smarter and better trained than most animal performers we’ve seen, and beeeyoootiful. Being able to stroll around and meet both the equine and human performers was probably my favorite part.

    Anybody else out there an Arabian Nights fan?

  3. Wrrrrong! The FIRST thing you did today was tape a tv show with me😉 Looks like Arabian Nights ended up being grand!

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