Day 59 – The Mall at Millenia

Hmmm let’s see… have a yummy lunch, see a fashion show, and then do some shopping in a huge mall?  Yes, please!  Today we did all of that at The Mall at Millenia.  We started our day at Brio Tuscan Grille.  The food was really fresh (we highly recommend the Bruschetta Quattro appetizer).  It comes with four different types of bruschetta and they’re all delicious.  We were impressed that a restaurant so large could turn out food that tasted like it was from a real Italian kitchen.


Next up we watched a fashion show that’s a part of The Mall at Millenia’s own fashion week.  That’s right, this mall is so fancy it has its own fashion week.  After the show we had some time to shop.  Of course there’s a wide variety of stores from Anthropologie to Zara, but there were a lot of stores here that you wouldn’t expect.  I for one had never seen a Burberry in a mall!  The best part about the The Mall at Millenia is the roof… it’s made entirely of glass.  The whole experience feels more like you’re walking outside rather than inside.


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  1. thanks, should be fixed now

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