Day 61 – Leu Gardens

Stop.  Take a deep breath.  And smell the roses.  That’s what a day at Leu Gardens just north of downtown Orlando lets you do.  It was so nice to just take a peaceful walk through the beauty of nature, and Leu Gardens has a lot of it.  They have the largest vine, banana, and Camellia collection in the US.  One exhibit that we really loved was the butterfly garden.  Everywhere we looked there were beautiful wings fluttering around us.  Joel, one of the workers there even showed us the newly hatched butterflies.  Our 67 days are winding down, and to be honest today we were a bit tired, but the gardens were just what the doctor ordered.  There’s something about being surrounded by nature that lets you take a moment to relax, not worry about the world around you and simply enjoy.

Here’s a tip.  If you can’t afford a spa while you’re in Orlando, head to Leu Gardens.  It’s therapeutic and only $7!

One Response

  1. Thanks for covering Leu Gardens. It’s one of my favorite Orlando places. An even bigger tip: You can get in for free on the first Monday of every month!

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