All Star Vacation Homes

This weekend we got the privilege of staying at the All Star Vacation Homes with the entire Doornbos family, plus some extras.  We fit 8 people very comfortably in this place!  It’s the perfect place to stay down here if you have a large family, or maybe even a few families.  The entire house is YOURS and it’s decked OUT.  Themed rooms, beautifully furnished, a kitchen and your very own pool.  Think about it: you could stay here and save money by cooking your own food instead of paying the sometimes hefty restaurant or theme park prices.  It really feels like a home away from home (maybe even nicer than the home you’re away from).  The best part is that you’re only miles away from all of the parks.

David, Stacey’s sister’s boyfriend made a great Cribs style video showing off the incredible house.  We hope you enjoy it!

3 Responses

  1. ooops….spoiling

  2. Talk about spoling your family for a few days?

  3. It’s fabulous that vacation homes were recognized and profiled on the 67 Days of Smiles Tour. Vacation rentals add a lot to the local economy and are a great way to enjoy an Orlando vacation.

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