Day 62 – Celebration

IMG_3688Have you ever seen the Truman Show?  You know the movie where everything is perfectly planned out, the town looks perfect?  That’s pretty much the idea of Celebration.  It’s a planned community that was made by Disney (although it has few ties to it now).  Leaves fall on the streets on fall weekends (this is not common in Florida) and snow falls in the winter (this is even less common).  We wondered if Celebration really was all it was cracked up Stacey Doornbosto be, and once we got out of the car it was proven to us that it was.   It was proven in the form of fudge.  Yes, fudge.  They have a Kilwins!  We grew up on Kilwins fudge shop in Michigan and we thought it could only be found there… but any “perfect” town is incomplete without one so of course there’s one in Celebration!

After our minor fudge freak out, we headed to Columbia Restaurant.  This is a Spanish food restaurant and of course it was… perfect!  It really was.  The Arroz con Pollo came stewed in its own juices so the rice was incredibly flavorful.  The Croquetas IMG_3715de Pollo were so tasty, and of course the fresh Sangria hit just the right spot.  This was my favorite Latin food that we’ve had in our 67 days by far.  I would recommend this place any day of the week.  It hits the spot after a stroll through Celebration and makes you wonder, “can real life really be this perfect?”.  Well tonight between Kilwins and Columbia Restaurant, it was!_MG_3706

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