Day 63- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Kyle Post, Stacey DoornbosDisney’s Animal Kingdom is the largest and most beautiful of the Disney’s park.  As we walked into the park we were immediately surrounded by waterfalls, a canopy of trees, and gorgeous birds. It was easy to forget that we were in an amusement park!

More then 1,700 animals call Animal Kingdom their home; which makes this park the largest animal-themed park in the world. For us the best part about seeing all the animals is that Disney has created the park to feel like we are seeing them in their natural habitat. For instance on the Safari ride you will see no cages, just a beautiful recreation of Africa’s ecosystem for the animals to roam.  It’s breathtaking!

One of the more unique experiences today was on the Wildlife Express Train which took us to where Disney cast members care for the animals. We saw a turtle being nursed back to full health, visited a petting zoo and then took the train back to the main section of the park.

Overall Animal Kingdom is an extremely unique park that mixes close encounters with animals with amusement park rides, while surroundingStacey Doornbos you with amazing nature. It’s a one of a kind experience that we happily recommend!

3 Responses

  1. Did you guys see the walking tree lady? Creepy but VERY awesome!!!! I have video and pics.

  2. I like the dino voices

  3. how’d time fly by sooooo fast?! and we didn’t get a chance to meet up! sad day😦 i really enjoyed following all your adventures though! it gives me more things to do around here!!!

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